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In the spirit of spreading good ideas, and after seeing that I take quite a few pictures on my phone all the time and they die there; I decided to do what Roba does (LINK) and post a monthly Image Diary type of thing.

I fear it will not be as personal as Roba’s only because I’m not posting Images of self or of people I know here. But that might change, we’ll see.

So here is the first one.
Dear Image Diary: March 2011

P.S most are taken with my mobile camera, so excuse the low quality.
P.P.S is the size too big? let me know.

Tareq Abu Kwaik @ Al Balad Theatre

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I wonder who did this.

I wonder why he thought the smallest tree in that area would be the most suitable one to carry his weight and support that ladder.

I wonder, most of all, what he was trying to reach up to.



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