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I’ve been following this website called GOOD for a while. I now get ‘one good thing a day’ straight to my inbox after subscribing, and I must say I was a little pessimistic about them actually sending good stuff..but they won the bet.

What got my attention lately is their “30 days of GOOD” challenges they do every month. Last month was on “Financial Fitness”, the one before it was on “Microphilanthropy”. February is on “GOOD Citizenship”. The idea is that if you register for any monthly challenge you get daily tasks in your inbox with regards to that specific subject.

The tasks so far (It’s still the middle of the month) vary from things you can do with a little research or in the comfort of your own home like “Learn the history of your neighborhood” or “Read two opposing opinion pieces on the same topic” or even “Make a list of issues you’re passionate about.” From simple things as “Get a library card” to “Register to vote” or “Register to volunteer”. They even included the all too famous “Help someone today.”

I am not sure if the “ten commandments” are the best criteria for being ‘good’ or a good citizen nowadays l but I have no clue what else applies. I don’t think I’ve ever sat down to think about who the good citizen is. Most things that pop into my head and that might circulate and be heard around are things that a good citizen ‘would not’ do, passive sentences. Do not throw trash out on the street. Do not put on loud music in the middle of the night. Do not park in 2 parking spots. Do not hit a fellow human being in the head if you disagree on something. Do not.. do not.

The list GOOD is working on is made up of DO’s that are truly simple things one should work on to become a better citizen.

If I’m to make a mini list it would include the above mentioned things from GOOD with an addition of: Do correct peoples’ mistakes if they will have bad consequences (Even if it’s not your job). Do remind people to constantly be GOOD. Do stand up to evil/wrong doing. Do consider all things/spaces to be your own. Do look at things the way they’re supposed to be and not the way they are. Do interact. Do get our of your bubble. Do constantly redefine and reassess your thoughts and your actions. What are your thoughts on this? Also, can one be a good citizen but not necessarily ‘good’? A few questions to sleep on.

I swear I’m writing. Not here no. And not as much as you want me to. But I am writing nonetheless.


Lately I’ve only been able to think when I’m writing. So even with silly things, some power seems to put down this massive brick over my brain stopping it from all activity. The ears would barely be processing any input as well. I have to pick up a pen and write. Then, and only then am I able to comprehend and then If wanted/needed analyze.


I wish I could analyze more thoughts.
I wish I can explain to you/in words about the different kinds of pain.
I wish I can show you how my fingers almost bleed as I go at my typewriter with all the strength I can pull together.
I wish I can.


I am making a list, of things to think/write about -since the 2 actions are to be connected from now on-. So maybe for future titles I can have: On craved attention. Or: On true excellence. On stringed conversations. On exhausted imaginations. On imperfect masks. On semi-controlled daydreams. On failed experiments.


I was thinking. All the big writers are old ones. No -present- thing or person is yet to touch their writings or come even close. I can imagine all old writers typing their literature straight onto a typewriter. And I can see them fussing over minor mistakes, ink and straight lines. At the other end of the spectrum lies the time the typewriter gives you to think as you type. You can think things through. It’s a slow -and may i add again, finger hurting- process. It also provides space for lost connections between thoughts which can be used effectively to enhance the readers’ imagination. So writers nowadays seem to not be writing at all. And maybe even way back then, maybe these great names weren’t writing either. Maybe it was just fingers, time and an old typewriter. Maybe that was just it.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 report for my blog. I must say it’s quite interesting, and reminded me how little I’m blogging.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,500 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

According to Ganzeer here, Zine El-Arab is the first pan-Arab ‘zine. Ganzeer is working on this alongside Makan and the amazing Nidal El Khairy and it will published once every 3 months. What’s interesting about this zine is that it will be entirely printed and distributed via the help of contributors and each one of us can print a few copies and give it to others.

The first edition is out and you can download it by clicking on the image below.

Also check out these interesting posts on the work and the launch which was in Amman here and here. I personally can’t wait for more.

لاتبك ِ فأحزان الصغَر تمضي كالحلم مع الفجر

وقريبا ًتكبرُ ياولدي وتريدُ الدمع َفلا يجري

– – –

إنْ سهرتْ أمطارٌ معنا أو غطى البردُ شوارعنا

فالدفءُ يعمّرُ أضلعنا ولهيب الشمس بنا يسري

– – –

وإذا بحّـتْ لك َ أغنية ٌ أو أنـّتْ قدم حافية ٌ

فشموس رفاقك َ آتية ٌ وستشرقُ من غضب الفقر

– – –

قد أرمى خلف الجدران وتحنّ ُ لحبي وحناني

فانظرْ في قلبك َ ستراني لنْ يقوى القيد ُعلى الفكر

– – –

سأضمك َوالصدرُ جريحُ وسأعشقُ والقلبُ ذبيح

مهما عصفتْ بيّ الريحُ لن أحني َفي يوم ٍ ظهري

– – –

وإذا ما الدهرُبنا دار ومضيتُ إلى حيث أوارى

أكملْ من بعدي المشوارَ لاتــُخْـلفْ ميعاد الفجر ِ

– – –

ِلن يسقي َ دمعٌ أشجاركْ لن تبني َ بالآه ِ جدارك

ِفاصرخْ بالخوف إذا زارك ْ لاتخشى النارُ منَ الجمر





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