Being a strong believer in the importance of education (both formal and informal) in the rise -and fall- of communities and nations, I can’t say that I wasn’t totally excited that the theme for TEDxYouth@Amman will be ‘Educativity‘.

Educativity = Education + Creativity. I will write a more detailed post about my thoughts later but for now I want to bring attention to an interesting new concept that TEDxYouth@Amman is bringing to the table. Other than all the youth who will be sharing their thoughts on Educativity on stage, there’s this competition that revolves around hearing your thoughts on Educativity, what it means and how it can be applied.

Read about it and do participate if you have something to share about the subject and about education in Jordan and in the world as a whole.

Youth Award: What is EDUCATIVITY?

Do you have your personal definition of EDUCATIVITY? Do you have a vision for how “education” and “creativity” can be put together? And do you want to be an official speaker at TEDxYouth@Amman?

As you may aready know, “Educativity” is the theme we have chosen for the TEDxYouth@Amman event taking place this coming November 19th 2011 at the Cultural Palace – Hussein Sports City. We created a competition to get you engaged and to hear from you.

What you have to do is pretty simple:

1. Take a 3 minute video of yourself telling us your vision for Educativity. A video using your personal camera or even your webcam would be good.
2. Send us the video to before November 15th.
3. Wait for us to review all sent videos and pick the winner.

Three easy steps, all you need is a good vision or an idea to share about Educativity and a video camera.

The Prize:

If you are the lucky winner, your prize will be a 3 minute talk on stage on the day of the event in front of 1500 Jordanian audience! Get your cameras rolling!

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