In my previous post I wrote about the Charter for Compassion, how it started and what it’s about. All things remain as ideas until we act upon them, and I think the Charter for Compassion is providing Jordanians the best way to do good this Ramadan.

The idea is very simple and I will take you through it backwards. At the end of the holy month of Ramadan 5 winners will get a prize each. The first: a one year scholarship to an outstanding student in need in the winner’s name. The second prize will be a one year health insurance for a family in need also in the winner’s name. The third is full payment of heating bill for a family in need during the coming winter. The forth prize will be 3 different skilled labor courses for people in need. The fifth and final one is entertainment and interactive nights for the elderly throughout a full year. All prizes will be given to individuals or families in the winners names’.

The Pay it Forward concept is one of the most amazing things out there. You do good and you are repaid by good being done to someone else and not to you directly. When the circle gets bigger and bigger I am sure that you will be repaid somehow, but this concept takes the definition of goodness into another new selfless dimension. Read more about the Pay it Forward Movement here.

Now if this Charter for Compassion competition does not apply as Paying it Forward then I don’t know what does! For you to be able to win one of these prizes and help put a smile on someone else’s face all you have to do is share your own daily act of compassion, a specific commitment you are making to live more compassionately, or a compassionate act you have witnessed, on the application here.

The competition defines acting compassionately as: treating others like you would like to be treated yourself. To relate to and try to alleviate the pain and suffering of other humans beings. To seek to bring joy, empathy and kindess through your actions towards others.

It can be something as small as helping your mother prepare Iftar to a big initiative you’re doing to encourage skilled labor. It can be your own act or one you witnessed others do. What’s interesting as well is how this might encourage people to actively do good in order to help someone they know who might need a scholarship or any of the prizes.

I personally hope that these acts do not become monopolized by Ramadan or any other religious event but remain a habit within us all.

Compassion: a small selfless act; unconditional kindness; a creator of happiness.