It has been a very busy month, wasn’t easy at all to pick a few images only.

First a few images from Darat Al Funun

See the sign: Al Rai, Al Dustoor, Al Sha3b. I didn’t know that we had a newspaper called Al Sha3b. But it’s nice to see the 3 words together like that.

From the Jordan Youth Forum. this was part of a big mural with many drawings.

Mixed Martial Arts event at Le Royal, why do we like to watch humans fight? hmm

Al Balad Music Festival – Yacoub Abu Ghosh with his new album. It was truly magnificent.

Zaven Kouyoumdjian (of ‘seereh w infata7et’) at the Jordan Media Institute.

Souad Massi at Al Balad Music Festival truly entertaining the crowd.

Oh Seriously at the GEEKFEST.

A huge shadow during Al Morabba3 concert at AL Balad Music Festival.