What with me spending most of my life online, I come across some interesting networks and communities, and they each deserve a post of their own to introduce them to the people. So today I will start with a relatively new community that aims to help and empower working women in the Middle East, it’s called Femeo. Mind you, I personally think Femeo has something to offer everyone and not just working women. Femeo offers daily tips and advice, a networking section, and career assessments, all in both Arabic and English. Femeo is part of a larger network that is Bayt.com the Middle East’s number 1 job site.

Now one would think that a network for working women will be boring and full of technical issues that no one would want to read, but after following them for a while I can say that they’re quite an interesting community. Giving out tips about balancing work and school, sharing book reviews, keeping us up to date with the Saudi women driving campaign and its details, you can even find mentions of Murphy’s Law, how cool is that!

The career assessment quizzes seem diverse and worth taking or at least thinking about, but you will have to sign up on the website to be able to take them.

In this day and age, when more and more women are graduating and entering the workforce, when in some places women are expected to provide and help out their families or husbands, or even just for their personal independence, I think such networks and communities dedicated for working women are a must to help us pass this awkward stage of being in the middle till we fully move into the bright era in which all women who want to work have the freedom to do so.

I am following Femeo’s posts through Facebook, you can do so too or subscribe to their feed. What I like most is that you, yes YOU, can contribute to Femeo by sending them material to publish and share with the rest of the community. Interaction is key. Do check the website, even if you’re not a working woman, I assure you that you will find something for you.