A ‘little’ bit late with April’s Image Diary. Reasons why I am not all that worried on it being late are:
1- I rarely stick to the things I say I’m going to do.
2- I don’t think that you’re sitting there saying ‘lord oh lord, she’s late with her Image Diary post.’
3- I have exams and finals and well.. it’s not that they’re more important, but I’m just lazy.

So here you go

It was the month of Birthdays..

Too many Birthdays ..Lol

For my Birthday I got a book..

Another book

And yes you guessed it, another book

And some more, but no pictures lol.

Speaking of books, my brother has been obsessed with becoming a millionaire lately.

Was a good month events wise, one night during Zakharef in motion:

Went to TEDxDeadSea

Drank Japanese tea there in the creativeTEA Room

Which also had a young man who is apparently a master in Origami, that got me interested again..

Also went to a few hours of TEDxRamallah streaming at Landmark – Amman.

And last (And least important):
I got some good grades in design (# 10)