I have no idea where to start, or even how to describe the hope an event like TEDxRamallah gave me and many others. I was lucky enough to attend but could not stay the entire time, and I seem to have missed the most inspiring stories. Stories told about lives lived, overcoming many problems and giving birth to one success after the other in a community that does not really provide an easy road for success, it barely provides living.

I wanted to post about Suad Amiry’s talk, because I felt it, because she was talking to me when she said that one should only do what he loves to do, because she studied architecture and because I wish to write a book one day. But since Jazarah and many others posted the talk I decided to skip it.

Live tweeting an event as it happens gives you direct access to what other tweeps are thinking and their opinions on what’s going on, it also gives you the material in written form that somehow makes it easier for things to sink in than just hearing them. I could not help but save a few tweets on my computer for the sake of remembering.

I got super excited when i found out that….

And even more excited when I saw this….

I think this is the only TEDx event that gets viewed live by so many people in so many cities around the world, don’t you agree?

If you’ve missed the event or a few talks like I did then I strongly recommend a tour around the open blog on the TEDxRamallah website, there you can find pages and pages of posts and reviews.

One of my favorite talks has got to be Munir Fasheh. When he was doing his thesis he decided to reference 2 things, the first the normal set of books and written material, the second being his mother and chickens. Palestinian chickens to be exact. He meant to communicate that our life experiences are as important as any education or knowledge one would gain from books. He said human interaction leads to a huge pool of information and our biggest loss is when neighbors became only citizens.

I, like many others, am waiting for all TEDxRamallah talks to be uploaded on youtube, so till then watch this space, as I hopefully will be posting my favorites as soon as they’re out.

Till then..
Ready, Aim, Inspire!