The biggest comment on yesterdays demonstrations was that they were blocking traffic on one of the main roundabouts in Amman and that disrupting the flow of public life is a crime that one can be charged with. That is what prime minister Bakhit said yesterday in his interview on Jordan TV.

According to the Jordanian constitution, article 6.1 says: Jordanians shall be equal before the law. There shall be no discrimination between them as regards to their rights and duties on grounds of race, language or religion.

I only wonder why the police -whatever rank they are- are allowed to close the street like this to celebrate as if they won a war against someone who is trying to overthrow his Majesty King Abdullah. I also wonder why normal individuals, are closing the streets as well. Are these people any different from the ones demonstrating earlier? Aren’t they both demonstrating? Or is celebrating any different?

Another thing, since when are police allowed to go around celebrating anything in the first place? Their job is to protect Jordanians from harm and not to take either side.


Now.. why are the police and gendarmerie (Darak) beating up the demonstrators who were actually trying to run away and are not fighting back or performing any wrong actions. See video below.. (warning: Very foul language in ALL videos below)

BUT!! They are doing abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING when it comes to anti-reformists who are in video number 1 throwing rocks at demonstrators, and in video number 2 replying to demonstrators with very foul language as they carry pictures of his Majesty.

I only wish his majesty king Abdullah watches these videos, as I hope all those responsible for the well being of our country do as well. They show beyond doubt that there is a huge miscommunication problem between what his Majesty says and between what the people hear as well as between those asking for reform and basically everyone else who is falsely understanding that as them being against our country in a way or another.

I salute all the demonstrators who practiced amazing self control and did not reply back in that last video. I know it must have been hard.

I am hugely shocked by the videos, images as well as by everything I’ve heard and read today and yesterday. I am mostly shocked by people I know that seem to not understand the concept of reform or even know what demonstrators want although this has been going on for a couple of months now.

The only loser yesterday was our country. Wounds will heal and the 2 dead will rest in peace I hope. But the images of what happened and the image we portrayed to others will forever stick with us unless we work our best at moving with real steps towards fixing our issues.

I wish we reach the stage in which all Jordanians fully comprehend the meaning of reform and know that what we ask for is our right to lead a better life. No one is against his majesty King Abdullah in any way, form or shape, yet some people seem to not understand that and use it as an excuse to keep their eyes closed. It’s a shame that I even have to write this down, but I know for sure some do think that way. Our ignorance seems to be hurting Jordan in the heart more than anything else.

Some love Jordan with a picture and a song, others love Jordan by demanding and working for real change that will take us higher. These 2 groups seem to be clashing at every level and I insist it’s out of ignorance and not out of understanding.

May our reform concentrate on opening up minds and not only political demands so as to reach every single one of us.