Remember this day, 11-02-2011, the day Hosni Mubarak resigned after 30 years of being president. He resigned after millions of people went down to the streets and refused to go back home until he’s gone. Today gave me hope that if people have the will for something and take it down to the streets they will eventually succeed. It worked in Tunisia earlier this year as it worked years earlier on exactly this same date with Iran. The difference between the uprises of this year and the ones that happened in Iran is obviously the leading forces. Young mostly educated middle class citizens went down to the streets in Tunisia and Egypt, nothing was called for in the name of religion.

I can not even begin to explain the joy I am feeling for being alive during this period, history is being made as I type these words; and I witnessed it. I will share more thoughts and photos from the celebrations at the Egyptian embassy in Amman later, for now I want to share this infographic made by my friend Awartany.