Originally posted on Albawaba News.

If you’ve been on twitter recently then you might have noticed the trending topic #JordanMovies. Trending topics on twitter reflect some of the most popular topics taking place on the social networking site, but it’s quite rare to see Jordan – or Jordan tweeps – figuring so prominently.

Things started in Dubai with the hash tag #DubaiMovies, and then spread to Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Jordan. The hashtag began around the 10th of January, and was all about localizing international and Hollywood movies and giving them a popular twist.

For example, the #DubaiMovies hash tag started with @eduanm turning ‘the sound of music’ into ‘The sound of the prayer call’. It was shorly followed by @shivamlm and ‘Dude, where’s my camel’. @dubaijazztouched on deportation issues in the UAE with his ‘The Minority Deport.’

Abu Dhabi residents then decided to start their own hash tag with @Reem096 changing ‘Finding parking in Abu Dhabi’ to ‘Finding Neverland.

’The Saudi’s then followed suit with comical remarks on their society such as @yamiDude: ‘One missed call = come on, the driver is outside’, while @Masha3ell also sarcastically turned the movie ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ to ‘The Paycheck’

The Jordanians were not starters of this trend, as they were last year with #Top50Jo, but they sure liked this idea, inundating #JordanMovies with all kinds of tweets. All were funny, some were bordering on dark comedy and satire, but it was pretty obvious that most took this chance to blow off some steam: issues ranged from unfinished construction projects all the way to university and street violence.

We’ll leave you with a couple of examples, and let’s see what happens next year:

@WalaAhmad : Panic room – Tawjihi exam hall #JordanMovies

@KhalilWahhab Trick with no treat! RT @nadinetoukan JoElections (Halloween) #JordanMovies

@kgharaibeh #JordanMovies Love Actually = An honor muder

@abu_faysal #JordanMovies. … Home alone = Unemployed

@1Majdi The Transporter = Kia Sephia Driver #JordanMovies

@MahmoudLattouf Fight club = Jordan University #JordanMovies

@BasilOthman The Usual Suspects = Muslim Brotherhood #JordanMovies

@nadinetoukan Brokeback Bedouin #JordanMovies

@Nashmiyya Gone with the Wind: Amman Stock Exchange #JordanMovies

@JawazSafar the social network = The tribe #JordanMovies

@yazansh Green Zone – Wihdat refugee camp #JordanMovies

@ahmad_hamdan: The Fast and The Furious – Amman Zarqa busses #JordanMovies

@HaninSh Mission impossible – Jordan Gate towers #JordanMovies