I did not expect to have such a sad and depressing first day this year, but sometimes things get to me. Two videos I’ve been replaying over and over again since this morning.


This Happened in the name of ‘family/tribe’ at Jordan University yesterday the 31st of December. This happened in the so called best university we have in Jordan. This happened in an educational institution, one that is supposed to raise generations and produce hundreds of fully grown, mature, intelligent individuals ready to enter the work force and be productive Jordanians. Then these idiotic things happen, and one can only wonder whether to blame tribalism, democracy that gave them the opportunity to vote for a student council or maybe even the university itself. (Seems like the reason for this fight was issues concerning the student elections a few days earlier).

Why is it that everyone is allowed an education these days? Anyone can pay the money and they’re allowed to enter a place that should be considered sacred. This is what happens when education turns into a business, when a degree is a piece of paper that you have to have regardless of whether you deserve it or not.

What kind of mentality does one have to carry a stick and start waving it around, or throw chairs or cupboards at each other? What kind of institute keeps such individuals and does not immediately throw them out and prevents them from ever entering its premises. Why is it that other people get final warnings and almost get kicked out for distributing stickers or posters with a map of the Arab world on it, while others get to fight and kill each other at universities with no one taking control and no punishment.

Many questions that I hope our 111 ‘trusting’ parliamentary representatives have an answer to.


This is a video of the bombings that happened in Alexandria (Egypt) late last night (the 31st of December). A few hours before the new year as I understand. The bombings left 21 killed and around 43 injured, the majority being Christians. So far it appears that the reason behind this is a couple of women who converted to Islam but were held captive by the church and not allowed out of it. I do not even want to think whether this reason is the one for the bombings or if it is true in the first place. What is going on in my head right now it how things are happening in the name of ‘God/religion’.

If this is your family, if this is your education and if this is your religion then do not expect me to support any of these three. If this is how people choose to solve problems then I do not want to have anything to do with these people. Now many will tell me that I’m ignoring the bigger picture, the picture in which outsiders are trying to mess with our communities may it be the tribal one or the religious one, and I am not oblivious to that.

In these times, 2 things I personally know for sure: Tribes are ruining family and human relations; and religion is ruining God. And I speak for myself here when I say that I find it so very hard to blame our human tendencies for evil when it comes to such things, and fall deeply in despair and sadness as I run as fast as I can from anything these people represent or fight in the name of.

Our universities have a higher rate of bloodshed than do bull fights and our religions carry peace and love in their writings but do the exact opposite. It only seems like this will be yet another harsh year on the Arab world, so unless people use their brains and learn all about compassion and acceptance then we’re in for a real bumpy ride.