I have no idea where to start, absolutely no idea. It feels like this year was filled to the top and the normal thing is for it to end and be put aside to rest. It was short, but I think I only feel that way because it was so busy. It was busy with world events, mostly bad. It was busy with decisions, mostly good. It was busy with people coming in and a few going out. And like Ola, I’m putting the first thing aside and will only mention the other two, because basically the previous post gives a tiny insight on how earth’s luck has been this year.

I want to start with the people, because it seems like I met and got to know a large number of people these 12 months. And they weren’t normal, they’re special, the kind that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

My twitter and blog was the reason I met most of them.

On 18/7/2009 I got my first comment on my blog, but it was only this year that I really got to know my Allouh for the amazing and supportive person he is. The one I know will be up and online at 4 am when I need a wake up call or a chat as I work through the night. My chocolate provider, my music consultant, thank you.

Then Abed Hamdan followed. Another amazing blogger and friend, one that I might finally meet in January if things work out. *Excitement*

Twitter not only introduced me to new incredible people but also re-introduced me to my wonderful Aya who I’ve met years before. Getting to see her on twitter showed both of us how we can be very good friends despite of the distance and the low amount of time spent talking or seeing each other. A friendship that proves how an updating honest email can keep things going. ❤

Ammar, out of nowhere, appeared with his interest in my mental and psychological case :p only to turn into a close friend, one that I admit I was harsh on with my comments at times, but it’s only because I love him. Ammar and Aya are strongly connected, may you always remain in my life some way or another.

I cannot pin point when I knew or met Bana, Naser, Ola, Ali and Ameen. But they all have their place in my heart.

Bana, my ‘inspiration’, a person who at first pissed me off but later became one I can almost read because of how similar we are. I will never forget the moment you shed a tear because of a koffieh, I love you.

Naser, truly one of a kind, and I will not add anything to that.

To me, Ola, is the blogger of the year. I was honored to look at her life from afar and get into her mind through her blog posts.

Ali ya Ali, you are the most selfless person I know, and the question you were wondering about yesterday, I know for sure that if you had any way of helping a stranger, you would not hesitate not for one second. ‘You’ give me hope.

Ameen, my Japan enthusiast, the guy who will ask about me if I do not tweet for a day. Thank you for always being there.

Seli, knowing you then meeting you brought me joy, you carry a caring heart and an indescribable brain. You amaze me with everything you do.

My passport, my brother, Moh’d Yousef. I am honored to know a person like you and more than honored to have witnessed from the sidelines the amazing Ruba coming into your life.

To Priapus, my other big brother. I hope you always criticize and care for me, and use all you have and all you are for the good of those around you and those in need.

Now away from the internet, away from the screen, and to people I’ve known for over a year but only got to really know now.

Hayder and the gang, my backbone in Irbid and university life. Cheers to you, Basem, Eyad and Kamal for making Architecture much more bearable. Cheers to all the smiles and laughter, cheers to all meals shared.

To the Hamdan brothers, for all the interests we share and all the things that run in our blood. For all the support and the care, and all the times we discovered each other and this life this past year together.

To Tahboub, his strong spirit and fight. I still think you should get a blog and write more. May your family and violin always be there for you, and may our rides to Amman and our continuous fashet ‘3ol remain for long.

Amazing amazing indescribable things have happened this year, and this is going to be such a long post.

This year I saw so many sides of Jordan, sides I should have seen and known a long time ago. I tried to take part in everything I could. I’ve been to every concert and cultural event I had time for. May Nasr, Rima Khcheich, Jadal, Salam, Macadi Nahhas, Rum, Nizar Rouhana and even saw Kamilia Jubran. Been to tens of movie screenings, tens of Ammani events and gatherings. May Amman and Jordan keep growing and moving in the right direction and may your people stand up tall and strong, may you reach the stability you need soon.

I took part in #Top50Jo and met all the tweeps, which was kind of the beginning of it all.

I went Home, to Palestine, 5 days I would love to have back. May this new year be kinder on you and your people my love.

This year I took the decision that I will not be working in Architecture, that I should focus on growing up, on becoming better, on enjoying myself, on finding my passion, on defining a few things, and I personally think I did well. For two and a half years I put a lot of time and effort into something I hated, into drawing plans and making models, this year the priorities changed, and I am much happier, much stronger, and a better person.

Got introduced to the inspirational Hanaa Al Ramli and Kitabi Kitabak, met many people through the initiative and I hope I will continue to dedicate some time to the cause.

Also met the homo sapien behind the ‘Mike behind the mic’ that I kept hearing for a long time years earlier on Radio Jordan. Taking part in his amazing idea is an honor, not to forget all the artists and writers I got introduced to.

A friend saw me worthy of a place in a project and suggested me, and now it feels like I have a clear goal. I know that the next year and a half with INJAZ will be filled with learning, a huge gained experience, many hard working and dedicated people and hopefully a change in the community.

These were the major things, there are many more smaller things that I am thankful for, but I think you’re all bored by now. So let’s wrap things up.

To the one who shared my life for years, may you always be happy.

To the one who mistakes my tears for a flu and always makes me laugh no matter what, may you too, always be happy.

To the one who spoke to me from across borders, may you always be happy.

To my resistance and opposition, may you always remind me of home and teach me more, and may you always be happy.

To every person mentioned in this post, I love every single one of you so dearly, I truly wish 2011 will bring all the happiness of the world your way. I wish you all good health and safety, a loving family and caring friends, good luck and smiles.

For those seeking continuous growth as me, may we all grow into righteous and productive humans.

To Palestine, again, may my love for you keep getting stronger by the minute, and may I use that love in all the good ways that I can.

Cheers to friends, family, love, happiness and success, for what more could one ask for.