So apparently this week the United States war in Afghanistan will hit it’s 104th month, and it makes me wonder, not about Afghanistan specifically, but about how and why a country somehow becomes the boss. Why do they think they have the right to be involved in everything, pretending they want to fix the world and its problems. When is it that the world gave America that honor (more like mseebeh if you ask me) to become the godfather.

Why is it that certain people are exempt from being punished, yes speaking in simple baby terms here. One time they say oh weapons of mass destruction/nuclear weapons and we are responsible for finding them, another time they say oh civil war let’s move in and fix it, then they go oh the people want a revolution let’s go and kick some butt.

This is ridiculous, I bet you’ve all heard about the attack on the Freedom Flotilla last Monday when Israeli commandos hijacked a ship carrying much needed humanitarian aid in INTERNATIONAL WATERS. I kinda think that’s against the law no?! Is their siege legal? Is the blockade legal? Is using phosphorus on UNRWA buildings or any buildings for that matter legal? Is promising someone some other persons land legal? Is this all legal BUT a flotilla of ships in international water moving towards the Gaza strip to help people is ILLEGAL?! who gets to decide? The UN? The Israelis? You?! Me? I don’t get it, isn’t someone supposed to put a stop to obvious illegal acts in this world? And isn’t it supposed to be someone credible, someone that does not take sides, someone that has not done tons and tons of illegal shit themselves?

Take a look at the numbers, the US has stuck its nose everywhere possible but its own ass. Wars everywhere, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. They stick their noses in everyone’s business, the Mexicans, the Koreans, the Spanish! Why? Greed? Selfishness? Or are they that egotistical to think they own the earth? It’s crazy, I am speechless!

The number of Americans that have died to protect ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’, are they with this? And I put protect in bold because none of the wars that America has started or gone into was actually to protect its land or people. Do the people approve? As a matter of fact I know that the majority do not, why then does this continue to happen? And on a parallel line none of Israel’s acts ever were protection either. Everything they do is obviously illegal, no need to read a book of rules to figure that out. The question is when will all this stop, when will everybody mind his own god damn business? Why is it that us Arabs are minding our own business and sipping on tea while we watch Palestine grow desperate day after day and other nations do not mind their own business? I say we all do or we all don’t. Don’t you agree? I am not a political expert, but I recognize wrong when I see it.

The feelings of disgust towards the lack of an official position on the abuse of weaker and poorer people in this world is taking over me. Who stands up for the weak? Who protects global rights in this world? All I see are organizations everywhere, with basically no strength or back up at all to even stand up for themselves let alone other people.

I am leaving you with a few numbers. No direct point out of them other than to show how some people believe they own the earth.

A look at U.S. war involvement by months:


A look at U.S. deaths by war:


Israelis killed by Palestinians in Israel and Palestinians killed by Israelis in Gaza – 2008 prior to Gaza War:

Source: The Israeli information center for human rights in the occupied territories.