This post is for whoever knows what today is. No introductions, no nothing. Not much i can add to what’s been said and repeated for 62 years now. Every emotion i feel has been felt and is still being felt by millions of people. The millions who have lived this story and the ones after them who heard the story from their parents and finally the ones who heard the story every time they went to their grandparents. What worries me are the rest of the millions who have not. The Palestinian millions that is, that know not what today is, and even when you try and tell them they simply don’t care.

I have these mixed feelings. Disgusted, worried, surprised, offended and very much depressed. At us the lucky ones, who got a chance at living in a house made of stone. Why is it, that a 5 year old, born and raised in camps in Jordan, Lebanon or Syria know exactly where they come from, know all about Palestine when they don’t have a TV, they don’t have internet, some don’t even have parents. They don’t have the sources to show them the pictures, they’re not a click away from reading about Palestine the way me and you are. And yet they know. It’s like they’re born with it, the accent might change, yes they were born in different countries, but the second they’re born they’re told all about it, in different accents they all say ana falasteeni. They’re shown the way, the road back, so when the day comes they know exactly where to go. And you, yes you don’t care. Have your parents forgotten? Do you not have reminders all around you? The day none of us care anymore would be the last day of the cause, it would be our official loss. Will you please care? It’s the least you can do. Care, and tell those around you to care.

Please take the time to watch this video.