Architects are late bloomers.

Most architects do not hit their professional stride until around age 50! There is perhaps no other profession that requires one to integrate such a broad range of knowledge into something so specifi c and concrete. An architect must be knowledgeable in history, art, sociology, physics, psychology, materiality, symbology, political process, and innumerable other fields, and must create a building that meets regulatory codes, keeps out the weather, withstands earthquakes, has functioning elevators and mechanical systems, and meets the complex functional and emotional needs of its users. Learning to integrate so many concerns into a cohesive product takes a long time, with lots of trial and error along the way. If you’re going to be in the field of architecture, be in it for the long haul. It’s worth it.

This is an excerpt from a cute little book called 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School.” And this might as well be the only thing that i like about architecture, the fact that you need to constantly search and acquire information about anything and everything. Other than that i am having problems, huge problems with getting myself to work in the first place. Should i blame the system, the way we’re being taught, to be followers of already established architecture and not to be thinkers and creative while still keeping all that is basic about architecture in mind. Should i blame myself for simply not liking it?

Being put down one design studio after the other is certainly not the way to bring out the best in us. We do not have any creative courses, we do not have any interesting courses, we have material that has been put as PowerPoint presentations since 1999 and used year after year. We have doctors that do not want you to ask questions and we have doctors who care about who’s attending or not more than they care about us understanding what he/she is saying.

I am constantly being told that our university is the best at what it does, especially when it comes to architecture, but all i see is an interest in keeping that perfect image at all costs. When giving us low grades they are bothered that we will ruin the university’s name and not that we will graduate with zero architectural mentality. They are failing people by the numbers, as in they say we have to fail ten from this class and they will fail ten, and not fail whoever does not pass. Our design studio grades are not being given to us, which means come finals time, you have no idea whether you’re passing or not, and when they fail you it is impossible for you to prove that your grades say otherwise.

I don’t know whether a person should go through this to become an architect when they don’t find themselves in such a profession. And to top it all off “Architects are late bloomers” and i have no patience. I need to see results, i need to see something so i can go on. And right now the growth i’m having is not because of my doctors, not a single one of them inspires me, my growth is my own work, and i’m not being cocky no, but i can easily be ignorant about everything other than architecture as are most colleagues that are only interested in their major.

Many have told me to put a sock in it and continue, many have told me to let architecture open many other doors for me, and i only hope that will happen, i know all arts are connected, and all creative processes are connected as well no matter how far they might be in action. So i guess one can only work on himself, searching for the things you need to make it through the day, create your own opportunities, acknowledge your work and results and look for the right people who will appreciate it. That is my mission especially this summer, no matter what it is i end up doing, i will make sure i do it my way and i do it right.