You knew it was coming.. expected it somehow..waited. Don’t deny that you waited..slow dancing in a burning room he said. And it was burning all right. You can sense when things are falling apart, the band aids here and there trying to cover up the cuts and bruises.. but scars don’t heal easily you know and the band aid was a mere cover-up. It was funny at times, the pretending that it was all fine.. the forced smiles.. trying to enjoy a friends move at a fix up, but no..even with all the pretending it was obvious. Something somewhere along the line went totally wrong..the train off the tracks… you were in denial…and i was through.

Things got out of control, abuse, from both ends, at a certain second in time became the norm…and continued. Now labeled a quitter…giving up too soon was it? I have never quit on myself…it’s me first.. call it it looking out for myself in a harsh and crazy world.. call it chickening out….call it whatever you want…i call it waking up. Time wasn’t wasted… energy was put into things of importance…but sometimes the road comes to an end..and you have to get off or risk falling off the cliff. I got off… don’t fall off alone now.