Yes i haven’t been here in a while.. nothing much i can say to explain other than simply not being in the mood to write anything at all. A friend commented on how i have abandoned my blog and that i should write soon, so i jokingly said that he should write something for me to post, anddd he did. : ) So here you go, and thank you friend : ).

“Life and death…. the four seasons, the circle of life, the resurrection and crucifixion. The celebration and the tears, the sins and atonements. All those are here and now, happening to me, yet leaving me alone: a loneliness that longs to be filled with knowledge, love, good friends, peace and chocolate.

A loneliness that no outsider can comprehend unless they walked on my fire, swam in my sea, or tasted my pain.

The moment we met, that big bang, the shattering of consciousness, the meeting of two souls in one body. Continuing your sentence, your thoughts. Touching your essence, feeling the god in you, the home, warmth, the green fields that stretch to eternity, the flowers.

The thorns, the hatred of this body, the continuous bickering, the never ending stream of crap, the dwindling of our flame. The scratching and biting, the blue sirens one night, the red ones two nights later. A scissor in your shoulder blade, a knife in my chest. ”