Brought to you by the one and only @Dee__B (2 underscores cause one was already taken, yea i advertise myself follow me on twitter), and in no chronological order, we bring you the TOP TEN ways to know that you’re getting FAT:

1- The infamous your pants don’t fit anymore, as in large areas of fat coming out everywhere and the zipper barely closing.

2- Not only do your pants not fit anymore, but they’re the only pair you have because no other pair you own even goes half way up your thighs, you can only hope people won’t notice.

3- You go to ten thousand places to buy new clothes and suddenly the entire population seem to be a size minus 9700 and you’re a 38, what the heck, they don’t make a size 38 anymore, al baqa2 lil aqwa.

4- Same aforementioned pair of pants, when worn – always – leaves marks on the god damn chair. People can make up the entire behind design of your pants from pocket location to roundness of your – pardon my french – ass.

5- You find it very hard, harder than usual ya3ni, to cross your legs. So you go man style with wide open legs, leading to um…

6-… maybe ripping your pants right down the middle of you know what. Oh the days when pants weren’t like second skin, you could at least staple the sides back together.

7- Your mom starts telling you to practice picture poses in front of the mirror to show your ”best” side.

8- Even your brother’s large sweaters seem to automatically shrink when you put them on, and automatically grow bigger when your brother puts them on the day after, they fit him fine, ino keef!

9- Your most favorite outfit is now officially your pajamas, most probably a pair of sports pants and the only over-sized sweater that fits both YOU and your brother.

10- You ignore all above mentioned things in the hopes of one day selling your thigh meat – chicken fa5deh style – the same way butchers sell animal meat and getting some of that money you pay on food back.

Yes the post is meant to be funny, sarcastic and too hilarious for you 😀 although this could easily happen in real life, is2alo labeeba :p.