I’ve been postponing this for some time now, i finished this semester 5 days ago but had no idea where to start, what to comment on and what to ignore, i can’t possibly ignore all that has happened since the beginning of this year, even a bit before, but it feels like everyone has talked about everything already and i don’t want to repeat things, but i guess this is where i’ll come years from now to remember what has happened, and it’s only fair to at least mention all the major things that are affecting our lives and psyche.

– Gaza, Palestine, for how long are we going to repeat things? And for how long are we going to stand by watching foreigners leave their homes for months and travel to help our people out, while our supposedly arab brothers and sisters stand in their way? The Gaza freedom marchers had their hopes up to go into Gaza and deliver all the medications they had, i had my hopes up too, but i guess i didn’t think that in this time and day each person/country is only looking out for themselves, and gone are the days when a person would care about how his actions would appear to others as long as he gets what he wants.

– The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti was devastating, at first i didn’t think much of it, you don’t know what 7.0 magnitude, poor living conditions, week infrastructure and building along with countless hard aftershocks days later mean when combined, until you see the pictures.
> Earthquake in Haiti
> Haiti 48 hours later
> Haiti six days later (tell me after you stare at picture number 22 if you’ve ever imagined seeing anything like that)
> Faces of Haiti

And no matter who goes to help, no matter how much aid is given to the country, no life will be given back to those 200,000 dead, and no rest will come to those 2 million homeless, imagine all Palestinians in Jordan homeless, ALL, with nothing but the clothes on your back running around more than a week after trying to find your family and hoping to find them alive. Looting is your only hope of eating to survive another day, unless you are one of those few lucky ones to receive aid from people who will stay in your country under the name of ‘peace keeping’, do you wonder if they’ll leave when things get better?

You see these pictures, and can not blame anyone or anything, at least not a person you can hold accountable for all of the pain, but these same pictures only with different faces are out there, and there are people to hold accountable for those, will it ever happen? Will they ever be held accountable or will this cycle go on? Will we go on to do the same to others as they have done to us? And call it history repeating itself? Will we put another set of pictures next to the Nazi’s, Israeli’s and ours?

– A Jordanian court decision on having all Internet sites adhere to the print & publications laws that governs the work of print media was surprising. Now we all know we never had total 100% freedom to say whatever we pleased either as a spoken or written word, but them saying that the law that applies to newspapers for instance will apply to blog posts, Facebook and all other internet websites is a bit too much. Till this day we don’t really know what this means, it might mean that there will be a group of people assigned to following each and every word written on the world wide web by Jordanian citizens but it might also mean (like many before me have suggested) that it’s only a mean of pushing people into self-censoring their own actions online, and i personally think it’s the later. I guess we will just have to wait for a detailed issue on what the ruling actually means.
A few good reads on the subject are:
>Ahmad Humeid’s Keeping Jordan’s web open and free
>Naseem Tawarneh’s On Jordan Censoring The Internet
>BamBam’s A Sad Day for The Internet in Jordan: a gag order

– Today another tragedy. An Ethiopian airline plane crashes shortly after take off into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Damour (Lebanon) between Saida and Beirut. All 90 people on plane are feared dead so far.

– Not mentioning personal things (at the fear of them sounding so very petty) i guess we can conclude that this year is off to an awful start. I guess now after a quick mention of the major things that have happened since i last posted i can now resume my stupid postings about personal daily happenings as i will be doing as soon as i go watch the film “As the poet said” directed by Nasri Hajjaj. The film is about the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, if interested check the facebook event here. Anyway, that’s it for now.