Don’t have time for a ‘real’ post, up to my head in exams and work and design and shit, weather isn’t helping much. Anywayyyy here goes something fast in the form of ”a picture speaks a thousand words”.

>> Christmas is coming up, aw haik bi2oolo, ana mish 3arfeh 3al akeed, bibayen ma3i il osboo3 il jay..
(Apologies to the guy who did this, sorry i failed to save the source)

>> Architecture is driving me crazy, loads of exams and submissions, il mseebeh ino they think we’re machines of some kind, that need no sleep or rest, and mashalla mashalla they all think ino il madeh ili bya3toonayaha hiyeh il madeh il wa7eedeh bil 7aya, w ba3ed kol hal 7aki had ra7 nit5araj (ba3d sneen 6aweeleh 6ab3an) w nseer nish7ad bil shaware3.

>> People smoking around 5osoosi in winter sucks, they all seem to breathe their shit out into my nose somehow, and when i tell them to please just breathe out in the other direction i get this look >_> , as if they think i’m pretending that i don’t like to die because of their smoking!

Here are some pictures i received in an email, i think they’re pretty interesting.

>> My brain is kinda like this, ilo haik modeh mnee7a ya3ni, except the reality is more like the left side, and it’s sad.