Since Christmas is coming up i think i can have one small wish, it’s very small, 3.75 square meters and looks something like this. I introduce (not really me, but Arch Group) *Drum roll* THE SLEEP BOX :D.

This sleep box is to be located anywhere people need a place to rest or relax such as airports, train stations, shopping centers, or even in the middle of the streets. So basically the idea is that anyone can rent a sleep box for between 15 minutes to several hours to sleep or wait for a flight for instance. This space has a bed, a ventilation system, a sound alert system (What no robot to wake you up when you want to! lol), a built in LCD TV! WiFi! And sockets for laptops or charging your phone. Now take this, the sleep box is equipped with an automated system that changes the bed linens once the client leaves.

I think certain places (airports, architecture faculties around the world :p) truly need something like this, not very sure about the look though, and not sure it needs to be this futuristic, a much simpler space is enough for me. Now if these were available in our faculty i think it’d be a win-win situation for us students and the university itself. They’d get some money off of it, which is their goal in life of course, and we’d get some very much needed sleep on our breaks. For more pictures and info on this sleep box check here. Now the interesting thing that i found is that there’s another version for the sleep box, called the hostel edition. This edition has a bunk bed, electrical outlets and lighting, no LCD TV and WiFi and all that.

Now personally i think this one is much better than the first one, cozy and a lot more realistic looking since it’s going to be located in busy places and such. Some might think that it’s a dumb idea, but i think it has a lot of potential, it can be cheaply produced in large numbers and a lot of homeless people can simply have a place to sleep if this was available. What do you think? Share your ideas.