I made a lot of mistakes before I got to you (each one honest and none that I regret). The same way a tree bends in the wind and twists and turns, before it can touch the sky.

beauty of errors

I Wrote This For You (source)

Why is the concept of a mistake so foreign to some people, as if they don’t make mistakes themselves or that they have never sinned. I make mistakes, and just like that ‘I Wrote This For You’ post written above they were honest mistakes, none that i regret. (Sometimes it really feels like some things are written for me…naive? lol)

Back to the issue at hand, why can’t i make mistakes? I don’t plan on doing any no, but you know they just happen sometimes, you make a mistake, it goes away and that’s that. Why do i have to be so sorry for my mistake, when the mistake was actually something i did myself wrong with and no one else for that matter. Why do i have to regret things? Is that an indication of whether i will do it again or not, is that an indication of how good of a person i am, or of my intentions? Do i have to repent and apologize and regret and cry to show others that i realize that what i did was a mistake? And since when did honesty become unimportant, since when did it take a back seat to even the thought of hurting someone by speaking the truth. I don’t regret my mistakes, these two things have never been connected to me, do i have to pretend to regret them just so i don’t hurt this and that? This does not mean i was happy with my mistake, or that i’m glad i did it, it doesn’t mean i want it again, nor does it mean that i am dumb. It means i did a mistake. Never have things been simpler than this.