Hello there..since it’s the weekend i thought i might put some effort into keeping this alive.

>>> 8 deaths from swine flu so far (in Jordan), with thousands of cases. Not sure how an individual can react to that, I haven’t been that much extra careful since this thing started, just trying to take care when i’m in closed spaces with a lot of people breathing in the same air all at once, I try not to breathe so much haha.

>>> Noticed Google these past couple of days or was it just me?google
google 2

What’s with the sesame street theme? W ba3dain a different one every day, can’t wait to see tomorrows lol.

>>> A lot of concerts and events happening around town lately. Enjoying some but missing out on most, this is when i wish i was in Amman all week long. Irbed is killing me, not to mention slow Hijazi bus drivers! Alla y5aleelna il 3oroobeh hehe!

>>> A tip to all those thinking about running the marathon next year: DON’T! I finished the 10K yes, in an hour and 35 minutes yes, but could i walk properly the next day? NO. Tab the day after, bardo NO! So unless you do some sports every now and then, running a marathon is going to kill you. It was a nice thing though, fun, although it wasn’t that much organized, for instance they said the results will be out the same day in the evening on the website and that took 7 days :). Typical ah? 🙂

>>> Check this and this out. Interruptions: Experimentations on Architecture, Art and Culture in the Levant. If you’re not interested but know someone who is, please spread the message :). You can check their page on facebook here as well :).

>>> Another thing you can check, and this is for all of you out there who want ‘a change’, is Project Heal. An initiative in it’s first baby steps, but you can help us and help yourself by joining the healing process. We have daily random acts of kindness if we can call them that, mostly suggested by you guys, so you can share with us whatever you think is a good idea. Discussions, events and other things are on the way, but we appreaciate your support untill we get there :). Will be updating you guys on this as soon as something new happens :). If interested please join the facebook page :).

>>> Happy Birthday to you :), doubt you’ll be reading this bas yala. Are you having fun? What do you think i should get you? Should i get you anything aslan? hmm…everything is just…weird!!

>>> Discovering lately how much school meant to me. Not sure all people have had the experience i had with school, my school truly was my second home, from 1st grade all the way to tawjihi i was surrounded mostly by the same friendly faces. By tawjihi i got sick of it, of the people, i was happy to move on and to move away, i thought the ‘real world’ was so much better and nicer and all that shit. Turns out my school was the best ever, and its people were the only people who i was capable of understanding, and who were capable of understanding me too. Hope it’s not too late to try and get things together and fix all those relationships i thought i didn’t need once i started university. Love you NOS!

>>> One last thing, would you hold on to something so destructive just because of what it ”used” to be? Why can’t we choose some memories and dump the rest away? Living in the past is something i’ve been lost in for 5 months or so, it used to make me happy, now it makes me miserable, and i am still holding on to that memory thinking that it can be fixed, that some things can be forgotten, that i can/should work on it, but how much unhappiness would you put into something when you don’t know if the happiness will ever come back? Being happy right now, however temporary it is, sounds so much more appealing than permanent happiness that might need months and months of hard hard work. Appealing? yes. Right? Don’t have a clue.

I leave you with a picture i found a few days ago, it can be a dumb image, or it can conjure a lot of thoughts in your head, let me know which one :).