Yea well i did finish like 5 days ago but was too lazy to post about it hehe. The first part is now done. My room is no longer orange :). Here are some before pictures:

keef balla ? lol

keef balla ? lol

Very neat ah :p

Very neat ah :p


AND here are the after pictures:





What do you think?? Painting a room on your own is harder than i thought it was going to be, it needs patience (which i lack) and upper body strength hehehe.

A few tips for those who know nothing about painting a room:

> Invest in good paint, take your time choosing color and type of paint, an eggshell finish is mostly used for bedrooms/ sitting rooms.

> Make sure you have enough paint, very important, ask me :p. And buy a paint brush, a roller for painting large areas and a paint tray.

> Remove nails, screws or peeling paint, fill holes and cracks with patching paste and let it dry.

> First of all tape all the things you DO NOT want paint to get on (Use blue painter’s tape -not masking tape-, other kinds are not as good and won’t do the job well). Tape window frames, door frames, the ceiling if you don’t want to paint that as well as electricity outlets and switches.

> Keep a window open at all times, unless you want to die of suffocation lol.

> Cover the floors with newspaper or something like that, you do now want paint drops on your floors.

> Mix the paint well depending on what type it is. (Just read the instructions on the paint bucket)

> Before painting using a roller you should use a paint brush for cutting in, which is painting the corners of the walls and ceilings and around door/window frames.

Cutting in.

Cutting in.

> Now you can use the roller to cover the large areas.

> Don’t freak out if the color doesn’t look good, the first coat doesn’t show the color for what it really is, nor does the paint when it’s wet.

That’s it i guess. 🙂 Part 2 soon :D.