If you want to see happiness…real and simple happiness…no buts, no what ifs, no i wish, no i want, nothing but pure and simple happiness, you should search for it among those who have nothing in this world. Among those who still have the decency to smile back when a stranger smiles at them, those who do not care who you are or what your name is but are willing to talk to you for an hour about anything, those who say ‘mara7aba’ when they pass by, those who have so little, but live like they have so much..





Maybe they do have so much…they have the earth..they have the sea.. all to themselves…the sun and the moon and millions and millions of stars. They have a home with an amazing view…they have each other..they have their days in the shade..working just so they can afford to play at night. They have their nights…out underneath the stars…with the music they make..the laughter they share…their stories…the simple simple stories…a new baby was born…and old man passed away…and that beautiful young girl married the guy next door.

What else do they need?