Yes, an average person spends 3 years of his life, in the bathroom.

To me the bathroom is more of a sanctuary than it is a place where you go do your business lol. It’s where i go for a little more privacy when i’m feeling down, believe it or not. It’s where i like to read the daily newspaper, magazines, and books. It’s where i like to write my to-do list for the day or week. It’s where i relax and think. I don’t want to disgust you guys but yea, it’s basically the most used room in our house lol. Even when people come over i’ve noticed that they spend a lot of time in there and it ends up that they were checking out the magazines or books. Anywayyyy, i thought i’d share some pictures of bathrooms i’d kill for, well maybe not kill kill, since i know killing won’t get me that bathroom lol, but i’d love to have a bathroom like these in my own house in the future…((voice from up above: ‘Dream on, ya binti’)) lol.

Basic, simplistic, white, enough said.

This is more of ‘a room with a tub’ than it is a ‘bathroom’, but i’m in love with the colors, and with the importance this one piece is given by putting it in such a large space.

This is one cute bathroom, love the his and hers sinks, love the white with the colored wall, love the sharp lines and the design of the toilet, sinks and tub.

This shower head is a5555 from heaven! I truly think people would start showering 24 hours a day if they had this!!

This one is very different, it has this rustic look with the amazing wallpaper, i really like this one.

This one is very simple and normal and can be easily done, it’s just full of color and life, not sure that it would work out for me as it’s a bit too wild, not the exact mood i’m in while in the bathroom lol, but it’s cute none the less. Right?

Very serene atmosphere, cozy and private lol.

Again with a rustic look, love the idea of having a urinal in the bathroom, especially one as beautiful as that one (is it weird that i’m using the term beautiful?? 7aseh ah). Also the chair with counter top and a nice mirror. LOVE!

Enough with bathrooms, let me know what you think :)…

ah btw i hate you guys for not commenting on the song that i fixed :@ :@ bidkom gatleh! lol