I’m glad to inform my adoring non-existing community of readers (Mohammad Allouh 😀 ) that I have officially finished my second year and finally w ba3d sahar il layali passed calculus 2 with flying colors (ila shway i got 52). I now have a month off in which i intend on having some fun, and sleeping well as i know i will not be getting more than 5 hours a day once my third year starts. Here’s a bit on how the past couple of weeks have been:

* This summer course was not that bad, i got good marks on my two other subjects with little to no studying (more little, less no), i did a lot of things for the first time and i had fun which was missing from my life for some time now.

mashrou3 leila

* I know that Mashrou’ Leila (myspace page here) have been mentioned in a couple of posts in neighboring blogs :p, but i just can’t not introduce the guys, the Lebanese band has an amazing sound and they put such an amazing show on stage. I hope i can see them live again someday.

ps. I’m still not sure if it works lol, please let me know.

* I love my university for many reasons, i don’t always remember that, but i did the other day when i was sitting revising mechanics with an Egyptian friend, a Moroccan friend and a Syrian friend. Where else can a person say he did that? I know people from a lot of different nationalities, and it makes the entire university experience much more interesting and rich.

* A friend’s sister passed away a few days ago. I don’t personally know the girl, but that’s what makes us human I guess, we automatically feel bad when someone loses a family member or a friend. She died a horrible death, she caught on fire. The girl was engaged, her wedding dress was hanging right there, waiting to be worn on the second day of Eid. I guess it just wasn’t written for her. What is it that’s written for us anyway?! There’s a big difference between an old person dying peacefully in his sleep and a young girl being buried with no face, no hands, nothing. It’s tragic, not because a girl lost her life, but because that single incident will change the lives of her family and the all the people who ever knew her for a long long time, forever. I’m sure everyone must have one single question in mind…why?

* My cousin got married about 2 weeks ago. She’s only 3 years older than me, and I was the bridesmaid. My job was simply to be there for her during her happy day, make sure she looks good at all times, help her with the dress and such, but for me it was more of a struggle. I found it crazy, and stupid, how things work around here, how only because I was her cousin that she had to ask me to be her bridesmaid. A bridesmaid is supposed to be the bride’s best friend, the girl who has shared her good times, her bad times, her food, her everything. The girl who was closest to a sister. And the description definitely DID NOT fit me! I felt out of place, like it was more of a duty since I was family more than the person she wanted to share her wedding day with. But that’s how things are around here, and I reckon they won’t change anytime soon, family is first, always first, even when that family is only family because of blood ties and not because of the actual relationship. Long story short, I seriously need to find a *girl* best friend in a few years time, otherwise I’m going to be stuck with someone I barely know, not because of traditions, but because of the lack of options lol. What do you think about this??

* I think Amman is on the right path somehow. To where you ask? I have NO idea lol, but it’s on to something I tell ya :p. I’m just proud of some people and events for existing. Example number 1: Amman International Marathon. Won’t be saying a lot about that. (I need to cut back on my internet time and work on my human face to face relations lol), So please spare me the typing and check out the website, it’s a lot of fun, and you’d be burning calories without even knowing it :p. Example number 2: Zikra initiative. It was launched by Rabee3 Zureikat 2 years ago and is based on the concept of exchange when it comes to providing financial and technical aid to the underprivileged people in Ghor al mazra3a area. Rabee3 is working on creating a relationship between the donor and the recipient so as both ends come out with something offered by the other side. Here is the facebook group which enlists the many different activities and programs they’ve had. You will be getting more on this later as I will be participating in an event called ‘Zikrayat Ramadan’ this Thursday.

I guess this is it for now, will be posting more often now that i’m not busy..so….ciao. 🙂

UPDATE: GUYS!! The song actually works now, thanks to allouh :)..enjoy 🙂