What would you do when a person flat out lies to your face. It is so damn obvious to the point that the person infront of you should understand that he is busted from the look on your face! At times i am the kind to confront, at other times i just act stupid. It depends on my mood, on the person infront of me and the kind of relationship we have as well as who else is sitting with us and all that.

This one person has done this a few times now, lied to my face, stupid lies that a five year old can identify as lies. Ever since the first time, i did not confront her, i said nothing, and just pulled myself away from her in an attempt to just end the friendship we had. I know i didn’t give her a chance to explain herself or anything, but at that second i just felt that my relationship with her meant nothing, simply because i had no urge what so ever to confront her and get to the bottom of things.

At times like this i understand how human beings are nothing but social beings, we go with the flow, especially during university or work. We hang out with those that have the same schedule or the same type of activities. When we are done with university or get another job we move from one circle to the other thinking we will miss those we leave behind, but that is seldom the case, or maybe it’s only me.

untitledI think it’s becoming a habit for me, not something i work on or make sure it happens no, but it’s something i do unintentionally i guess. I just never get attached easily, and the feeling of missing a person is something i don’t understand fully. I do miss people, but i think it’s more of a mental thing than a feeling for me, more of a thought…hmmm it’s been a while since i’ve heard from her, i should give her a call…something like that. Maybe it has to do with me rarely being missed by people, atleast not the ones i want to be missed by lol.

I guess human relations were never something i was good at, anyone up for a few lessons? :p…