Ever since my mother got an email account and she thinks that it’s the coolest thing on the planet, I think that’s cute lol. BUT, a big one here, not when she sends me one thousand forwards a day, most of which i don’t check if the subject sounds lame or just another chain letter thingy. Since i have exams coming up, i take every chance i get to NOT start studying, so i decided to check some of the forwards she sent me lately. One of them -titled ‘Just when you thought all the good ideas were taken!’ -‏ was actually interesting so i thought i’d share some of the pictures it had here with you..may they be lost in space inshala lol.

This idea is amazing. Yea i know i can live without this thing right here, but think how much time it would save if the idea is implemented in funerals or weddings where drinks have to be served to a big number of people as quick as possible. 😀

Also beverage related is this idea of a timer i guess, which automatically raises the tea bag out of the mug after whatever seconds/minutes you think is best. I personally hate my tea when it gets too dark, so fikra jameeleh.

Ok so by now you have a pretty good idea of how much i live to eat and drink lol. Sooo if you’re a tea lover you must know how much this idea is helpful, because it seriously sucks when you have to carry biscuits in your hand, and it sucks more when you have to carry them bi sa7en haik zay il ahbal (ma3 kamel il i7tiram for those who do so 🙂 )

So don’t deny it now that you are not the kind who sings in the shower, seriously, i know you do hehe

I know this one must be a b**** sometimes hehe, but i bet it’s a million times better than waking up to an ear deafening alarm clock, don’t you think?

And my personal favorite…


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