ma32ini 3arfeh ino no one will see this bas 2olt yala balki balki ya3ni yshofo 7ada wila tnain…
il mohez…although my first exams are on the way, and i should be studying instead of wasting my time (since i know no one will see this) i decided to share a few things here, if not for others then atleast for me, so maybe in a long time i’ll come back to remember what i did in my old days.

I love summer…howeh actually i hate it because i have to shower every 2 minutes, but i love it because i know i will have my days filled. A year or 2 ago my summers were stupid normal summers, spent at the pool or gym or something like that. Now i truly feel like i’ve grown up to the point that i actually feel sad that i haven’t grown up earlier lol.

Since this summer started i have attended many events. Here is a thank you to the very veryyyy helpful facebook when it comes to searching for events around town. I went to a couple of movie screenings, my favorite has to be ‘Salt of this sea’, i have known about this Palestinian movie for a while now and couldn’t believe they were screening it in Amman. I shed a few tears during the movie, some images and words said in the movie will stick with me, maybe i am personally overly sensitive about this issue but i think anyone who would have seen it would have cried just like me even if they knew nothing about our land.

Other movies i have seen were a Syrian movie called ‘Ayam al dajar’, an Algerian movie called ‘Mas5ara’ and a short movie by the young Jordanian director Fadi Haddad called ‘Ka3eb 3ali’. These were part of the 15th franco-arab film festival.

Regarding movie screenings i will soon attend a short movie called ‘Dozan’, directed by Ahmed Zaghoul. I know the director to be such a talented and educated person, so i am expecting this short movie of his to be more than amazing. You can check the facebook event here. Sharfoona bi 7odoorkom :).

Hmm back to what i did this summer so far, I attended an amazing concert by Jordanian rock band Jadal (ps. I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSS 😀 ) lol, and by Palestinian rappers DAM (tab3an i love you into kamannnnnnn 😀 :D). I am addicted to both thier music, ma32ino wala 2ilhom 5as bi ba3ad, but they both mean something different to me. I won’t just mention them here like this, both will get seperate posts from me soon as a thank you to their music and their words.

Tab3an not to forget Souk Jara, its theatre brings AMAZING local artists each friday, I have attended concerts there by share3 962 <3, Aziz Maraqa <3<3, and again Jadal <3<3<3.

ok 3anjad lazem aroo7 adros 3indi imti7an construction :s. I have a million things on my schedule these upcoming weeks, i will post about them inshalla along with pictures and everything :).