One thing i discovered recently, last night to be more precise, is that it really really sucks when you realize that whatever that bitch you hate described you as is simply…true. So some girl comes along, says a thing or two about you, maybe to a friend you have in common, maybe to your face, it doesn’t really matter, and you end up fighting with her, calling her all kinds of lovely names your mom would kill  you if she knew you usually say, and one boring night, while watching some stupid movie because your damn orbit isn’t working and you can’t watch Miami Ink, it HITS YOU.

It hits hard believe me. While watching a movie??! Seriously ya3ni!!

A lot of things suck at this time of my life, but i assure you nothing sucks more than realizing that you have quite a major personality defect. It’s not the same as knowing that you need to lose a few pounds, or getting a low mark at some subject you really worked hard on, no. Knowing that you have something wrong with how you function and that you’ve been sitting on it for years or making other people feel like they are the ones with the problems and not you really hurts. I guess i should have known, there is no way on earth that a person can go through a lot and pretend that they have only come out of it stronger. That’s what i did, pretended that i came out of it with no scars, i know that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, but there must be at least one thing that got affected in the process, denial is a bitch. Ahh yes, denial is THE bitch.