I can’t believe it, he’s gone :(.


He was the king, my king. His body will be buried six feet under, but his music, his soul, his legacy, they will live forever. He will live in our hearts. He is and will always be an example of people who matter, people who give to this earth more than they can ever take from it. His name will not be forgotten, for he was one of a kind, and that’s all it takes, to be one of a kind, and when you’re gone that ‘kind’ you represented will be gone too. To me, he represented strength, uniqueness and heart. I will carry him with me wherever i go, and i just hope in years to come, that my children see the same image i have of him in my head, and hear the same heart i hear when they listen to his music.

It’s like he knew, he said it best:

Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight….Here one day, Gone one night…. 

Like the sunset, dying with the rising of the moon….Gone Too Soon..